Route Talk-Serial Analysis

“Route Talk,” Serial (Episode 5, Season 1)

The episode can be found in entirety here.

Disclaimer: Serial and this excerpt include mentions of sex, death, and drug usage which may be disturbing. Listener discretion is advised.

  • 3:54 11:34 (throughout the episode)
    Adnan makes the comment to Sarah Koenig, Serial’s host and a producer on the show, that the timeline produced by the State’s case against him is “impossible.” Sarah and another producer set out to see whether the state’s timeline is in fact possible. This excerpt is a particularly high quality and entertaining example of how audio is not required to be recorded in a studio or a very quiet room. Granted, the recording of audio outside a controlled space is risky but can be worth the entertainment and narrative value. With some practice, this can make for a compelling addition to the story.

Serial is a podcast is hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced in collaboration with This American Life and WBEZ Chicago. Episodes can be found for free on iTunes or Serial’s website. Season one and two are available now.

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